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A new approach to theming

  • Understanding our theming framework Promoted article

    Our themes and plugins make it easy to deliver a branded Zendesk Help Center to your customers in record time. Whether you need a ready-made template or the ability to customize pages quickly and confidently, we provide you with everything you need to get the job done.


  • Navigating the theme folder structure

    Every Zendesk theme has the same folder structure, however there are some important additions for our range of themes.


  • Getting familiar with our pricing

    Our complete theming package is just that: everything you need to create an amazing, customized Help Center.


  • Requesting additional services

    Every purchase gets your immediate access to all of our themes and plugins, built on top of a powerful framework designed to make it quick and easy to create a unique and beautifully branded Help Center for your company. This includes free theme installation in your Zendesk Guide account as well as three months of premium support.


Setting up Zendesk Guide

  • Importing and exporting your theme Promoted article

    Agents with Guide Manager privileges can import or export a zip archive of a Help Center theme, containing templates, JavaScript, CSS, and assets.


  • Previewing theme changes locally Promoted article

    You can export a theme’s files from Guide and work on the files offline in your favorite editor.


  • Configuring Guide settings

    You can manage your knowledge base configuration in Guide settings. You must be a Guide Manager to work with these features.


  • Understanding Guide roles and privileges

    Administrators have Guide Manager privileges and agents have Guide Viewer privileges by default. Agents can be granted Guide Manager privileges as needed.


  • Changing the URL of your Help Center

    By default, the address of your Help Center is a Zendesk subdomain, such as “mycompany” in The host mapping feature allow you to map a subdomain of your own domain (for example, to your default Zendesk address.


  • The difference between standard and custom themes

    You can use the standard theme that comes with Guide for your Help Center or you can customize the standard theme or create your own theme.


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Setting up Zendesk Gather

  • Configuring Gather community settings

    You can set specific community settings in Gather settings.


  • Creating and managing moderator groups

    Guide managers can create moderator groups for the community so that designated agents and end-users can manage community activity. Community moderators can be any users you choose to administer community content.


Supporting multiple languages

  • Adding translated text to templates

    You can display snippets of translated text within your Help Center page templates. The translated variant of the text changes dynamically based on the user’s selected language, which can be updated using a language selector.


  • Adding translations to sections and categories

    Any translated article must have a parent page translated in the same language. If you add a translation for an article that does not have a corresponding translation for the section or category, users will not be able to view the article in Help Center (even though the article is published).


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